Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poetry of a 10 Year Old

I was cleaning out M’s mounds of paper today, and ran across a couple poems I thought it might be fun to share.


Blue are the planets that sleep in space.

Blue are the flowers that sway in the wind.

Blue are the fish that scurry in the sea.

Blue is the ocean that whispers to me.

Blue is the pond that I swim in each day.

Blue are the Blue Birds that roam in the skies.

Blue is the Earth that we live on each day.

Blue is the river that flows in my yard.


A Synonym Poem


Creature, beast, pet, fairytale,

A crocodile’s scales are just so stale.



Frighten, shocked, horrifies, alarmed

I saw a wolf as I farmed.



Excited, awesome, great, nice

I’m just so proud of my two mice.



Stare, see, glare, watch, explore

I stare at worms while I snore.



Carry, hold, support, produce,

I can’t stand being a moose.

1 comment:

  1. Hehe those are pretty cool! I really like "Blue". :) She is a creative one, that girl of yours.... must take after her mom. ;)