Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Tree Elf


I have a tree elf.  I love this guy.  He was a gift from my sister for Christmas a couple years ago along with a lovely fairy.  It’s one of those gifts she had a hunch that I’d love, but was afraid I would hate.  With things like this you never quite know - until you do.

His home has been on a shelf in my book case in my living room.  I thought he looked quite nice there, and fit in well sitting between some of my Tolkien collection and the Spiderwick Chronicles series.  Fitting, right?   Hunter didn’t think so.  He asked me a few weeks ago if the tree elf could “go away”.  I asked him why.  His response, “He kinda freaks me out”.  “His eyes follow me around”.  I giggled, and told him he was a friendly tree elf that he didn’t need to be scared of, but that I would move him someplace he didn’t have to see him if it would make him feel better.

I moved him to the end table in my bedroom.  The one furthest from the door and on the complete opposite side of the room, where Hunter wouldn’t likely see him often at all.  About a week later, I noticed he had been moved to the shelf underneath the table.  I thought “That’s not too bad, and now I can move a lamp in here.   I need a lamp.”

Today, as I was getting ready to go pick Hunter up from Kindergarten I noticed this. -->

Well, I guess his eyes can’t follow anyone around if he’s not facing out for anyone to see him.  It made me chuckle again. And it solved a puzzle for me.


For about a month now I have been trying to figure out how a picture I have on that same bookcase in my living room has been getting turned around backwards, repeatedly.  When I asked the first time, no one owned up to it. 

005I had initially wrote it off as being our kitten, who has been known to do things like this in his own mysterious and mischievous way.  Mr. Elf looking at the wall was a little too similar, and I knew the kitten couldn’t have turned the elf around and positioned him without knocking him completely over.  Mystery solved.  I asked Hunter about it again and this is what he said.  “I love Nana and Pop, but their eyes follow me around, and it kinda creeps me out.”

So if you’re ever over at my place and notice an odd amount of pictures or objects turned backwards, know that it’s just Hunter’s latest decorating trend.

I wonder how he’s going to react to the digital picture frame I plan to get.  My sister says “Those kinda creep me out.”

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