Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Gifts and Other Treasures

Around the House

My Sister gave me another faerie this year. This one has Princess Leia style buns. She looks great on my bookshelf.

The gifts from my Uncles are always the most beautifully wrapped things. My youngest son’s special nutcracker was no exception. He brought it home in a beautiful green and gold, fabric wrapped box with removable lid. He got a second nutcracker from his dad and me this year too.

We found an amazing, old, electric train engine in my Grandpa’s old work shed while on vacation over this last summer.

One of our new neighbors brought me a great unexpected gift - A dozen eggs from their hens. German pancakes are on the menu for breakfast tomorrow morning. I hollowed them out tonight, and they’re just waiting for me. I’m so excited!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It’s a Good Thing I Love Him

Meet Tucker:

TUcker being naughty in the tree.  2009

Now, what you need to know about that picture, is that it was taken not this past Christmas, but the one prior (2009).  It’s been a seasonal game his entire life keeping him out of the Christmas tree.

Fast Forward to this year:

Christmas Season 2010 005

This was not the first, or even the second time he toppled the tree this year.  The third time, he actually managed to break the thing.  We had to completely improvise to get it standing upright again.  After that, he continued to manage to knock branches out of their sockets daily.  The difference is – I no longer attempted to replace them.  Needless to say, our tree looked quite sad by Christmas morning.

First item on my Christmas list for 2011:  A New Christmas tree with folding branches that can’t be knocked out.

He is cute though, isn’t he?