Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Life List a.k.a. The Bucket List

I find it extremely amusing that the thing on my list that scares Chris the most is #28.

    1. Attend CHA (craft and hobby association) convention
    2. Walk barefoot on a sandy beach
    3. Go on a cruise
    4. See the Northern Lights in person
    5. Travel to New Zealand
    6. Learn to play the guitar
    7. Learn Spanish
    8. Learn French
    9. Get a passport
    10. Own a home with no mortgage
    11. Finish one of the many scrapbooks I've started
    12. Achieve my goal weight and maintain it
    13. Get a couples massage
    14. Take my kids to Disneyland
    15. Learn to swing dance
    16. Cross the Canadian border
    17. Go to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, WA
    18. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
    19. Grow an orange or lemon tree
    20. Go to the Kentucky Derby in one of those large, fancy hats
    21. Take Chris to look out over the ocean for the first time
    22. Walk on a beach at sunrise or sunset with Chris
    23. Walk through a vineyard
    24. Set foot on all 7 continents
    25. Go on a scrap-booking retreat with a friend (or a few)
    26. Live in another country for at least a month
    27. Bleach my hair platinum blonde
    28. Raise chickens
    29. Eat a French pastry in a cafe in France
    30. Successfully grow at least 7 different kinds of vegetables in my own garden in the same year
    31. Finish our 72 hour emergency kits
    32. Run a marathon and cross the finish line
    33. Publish a book
    34. Parasailing
    35. See a play on Broadway
    36. Attend the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics
    37. See Stonehenge first hand
    38. Take a train across Europe
    39. Window shopping in New York City
    40. See the Grand Canyon
    41. Have a fire pit in my backyard
    42. Kiss Chris under the Eifel Tower in Paris
    43. Ride the subway
    44. Pay off our credit card
    45. Learn 3-D modeling
    46. Learn Web Design
    47. Visit the Harry Potter park in Florida
    48. Get CERT certified again: First Aid, CPR, CERT
    49. 1yr Food storage
    50. Get my eyes fixed (Lasik, etc)
    51. Go to a real masquerade ball
    52. Sleep in a castle
    53. Get a degree
    54. Do volunteer work in a 3rd world country - in person
    55. Take a train down the Pacific coast
    56. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
    57. Learn to Belly dance
    58. Go to Hawaii
    59. Swim with dolphins
    60. Swim with bioluminescent plankton
    61. Catch fireflies (and then release them)
    62. Sing at a Karaoke bar
    63. Take a cooking class from a renowned chef
    64. Learn to knit
    65. Have our family pictures professionally taken again
    66. Have a big anniversary party
    67. Be a Grandma
    68. Set foot in all 50 states
    69. Keep a journal consistently for a year
    70. Develop a love of exercise
    71. Learn to Fence
    72. Sunday Dinner, every week

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