Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4


Today was crazy busy, and my bed is calling me.  So here it is in short form: 

The Good:

· Oatmeal with cinnamon, coffee and homemade coffee creamer

· Shredded potatoes and 2 eggs

· nuts

· Homemade chicken noodle soup

Where I cheated:

· None. Yay!

Today’s menu ended up light on the fruits and veggies.  I didn’t get the chance to make noodles again today, but I was able to find some Amish ones at the store that passed the kitchen test (nothing in them that I couldn’t find in my own kitchen).

Tomorrow my hubby and I have dinner tickets to a Victorian / Steampunk ball which we bought months ago. I’m going to give myself a free day tomorrow, since I will have no way of knowing for sure if my dinner foods contain processed foods. I’m betting they will.

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