Sunday, October 6, 2013

Balls, Achy Feet, and Food


I was going to give myself a free day yesterday due to having dinner / dancing tickets for an event we had been planning.  As it turns out, I was sewing up until the very last minute, and we missed the dinner portion, which means I DIDN’T CHEAT AFTER ALL!  (So that’s the bright side of that situation).

My husband and I have been practicing with Clockwork and Gears Vintage Dancing weekly for the last couple months and we presented a lovely Grand March for the attendees, as well as assisted in teaching some vintage dances.  Dances were a HUGE part of community and culture in Victorian times, and beyond.  We had a lot of fun.  My feet hurt today.

There were a lot of cameras and video taping going on, which I hope will be shared so I can see it and relive the night.

My sister snapped these pics of us as we were on our way out.  Thank you!


We’re celebrating her birthday today.  Cake has never been one of my ‘things’ so I should have no problem turning it down, since I know this particular cake will be of the processed food kind.

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