Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cooking it up 50’s Style

I inherited my Grandmother’s old cookbooks when my sister was cleaning out some thing she found in their garage.  I haven’t gotten around to looking at them until now.

Most of them have a published date of 1950


They have little extras in them like “Note: These are delightfully salty.”

Isn’t that delightful?

Cookies to Mold 50's cookbook

And fun illustrations.

GrandmasCook Book

This one is from 1976:


My son laughed and said “Men like all foods”.

A ward cookbook that is approximately 60 years old.


and an unidentified one that needs more TLC than the others:


I am looking for suggestions on how to best repair these.  A lot have un-attached covers, and of course there is the last one, which I fear is a lost cause.  In the mean time, they will likely live in a binder in sheet protectors, but I definitely intend to use them.

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