Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unprocessed Day 2


I found some recipes for homemade, flavored coffee creamers and now have peppermint mocha and French vanilla in my fridge at my disposal. I know it sounds silly, but giving up coffeemate was my biggest scare. So… yay! I’m craving cheese (my favorite snack) and I don’t have any organic in the house. Tillamook is close, with only 1 added ingredient (color) and grass fed as often as possible cows. We’ll see if I can hold out.

I haven’t gotten around to making my bread yet. We’ll see if I get to that today or not. It may need to wait until tomorrow. I need to get Chris’ Victorian waistcoat finished ASAP and I need to add a ruffle to my bustle. The ball is Saturday, and that’s throwing a wrench in the food prep time.

Tomorrow is Farmer’s market day! On the shopping list:

beets (why did I not grow these again this year?)


Bell Peppers (mine didn’t do well this year)

Honey (stock up for winter.  I love local raw honey)

This was dinner tonight:


The good:

· Jim’s organic coffee

· Homemade organic coffee creamer

· Kashi cinnamon harvest cereal with milk

· Salad with home canned organic beets, fresh home-grown tomatoes, organic greens

· Salmon with herbs de province and roasted brussel sprouts & greens as a salad

Where I cheated:

· Bolthouse farms yogurt dressing

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