Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unprocessed Day 1


I went shopping and was reminded why eating this way exclusively is hard even though I already cook a lot from scratch, and already attempt to eat this way. It’s expensive. (I should note that in addition to eating unprocessed, I am also avoiding GMO’s as much as possible, which means buying organic).  I’m excited about Kroger’s organic line of foods and was really happy to find almond flour in a smaller bag! I need to find a good recipe for homemade crackers. Does organic bacon exist?

The good:

· Fresh garden tomatoes

· Organic banana

· Simply orange orange juice

· Chicken cacciatore – organic, free range thighs from Trader Joe’s – all other organic produce.

· Roasted Green Beans

· Organic Cereal with milk

Where I Cheated:

· None. Woot!


  1. I love making my own crackers! Smitten Kitchen's Spelt Everything Crackers are my favorite and so easy. Congratulations on your successful day!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Tess! I'll try them!